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If you have been charged with tax fraud - or if you anticipate that you may be - you likely understand the seriousness of the situation. The IRS is not known to be forgiving, and neither is the state of Texas if your alleged fraud was at the state rather than federal level. Many people stumble into conduct that can be construed as tax fraud somewhat innocently - you may not yet know why you have been accused of this offense. Others fail to report sources of income because the money was earned through illegal activity, and many people face asset forfeiture while they are being investigated for tax crimes. If you are convicted of tax fraud, you could be facing years in prison depending on the severity of the fraud and whether there are any ancillary offenses identified.

The tax fraud attorney at Spencer & Associates fully understands the extent of the trouble you could be in. We have seen that many tax fraud cases are pursued quite aggressively by both the federal and state governments. We will defend you just as aggressively. In many cases, there is simply not enough proof that a person acted wrongfully in committing fraud rather than having made a simple mistake. However, even seemingly minor mistakes can carry grave consequences if you do not have the right representation. You need an attorney who is experienced in defending those accused of tax fraud. Our lawyer has years of experience in tax fraud cases and has developed strong defense strategies over time.

What to Do When You Are Under Investigation for Tax Fraud in Texas

Perhaps the best thing you can do to protect yourself when you find out that you are under investigation for tax fraud is to immediately contact an attorney. It may be tempting to begin concealing or destroying evidence, but doing so can backfire. It is likely that the agency investigating you already has quite a bit of information.

Even if you do not know why you are under investigation for tax fraud, it is important to speak with a qualified lawyer as soon as possible. Many people make innocent mistakes on their tax returns that lead to suspicion of tax fraud. In these cases, criminal charges may not be appropriate, but you will likely need an attorney to help bring clarity to the situation.

Understanding Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is commonly called tax evasion, because generally, those who intentionally commit it are trying to evade paying taxes. Tax fraud is generally defined as purposely or knowingly presenting false information on your tax return in order to wrongfully reduce your tax liability. This generally refers to actions like:

  • Concealing an income source, often because the income stream stems from illegal activity
  • Failing to report capital gains
  • Claiming a deduction you do not qualify for, such as by reporting that a large section of your home is exclusively used as workspace when it is not
  • Falsifying accounting reports from a legal business, such as by failing to report some income
  • Illegally attempting to protect assets against tax liabilities by using an illicit overseas tax shelter
  • Concealing assets or transferring them without properly reporting and paying taxes related to the transfer
  • Not withholding payroll taxes for your employees

These are common examples of the types of actions or omissions that can cause a person to be accused of this white collar federal crime. If you are facing tax evasion charges, it is important to contact an attorney right away so that we can begin building a strong defense on your behalf.

Contact a Dallas Tax Fraud Lawyer

Spencer & Associates is experienced in helping those who are facing tax fraud charges. We will begin working on your defense as soon as we hear from you. To begin with a free consultation, contact us today at 214-385-8500.

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