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What to Do if Your Business Partner Commits a Crime

 Posted on June 13, 2024 in White Collar Crime

Blog ImageYou can find yourself in a very precarious position if your business partner becomes involved in white-collar crime. You may have initially thought that he was an honest businessman who shared your goals and values. Then, a few months or even years later, you notice that something is not right. Maybe there is an accounting discrepancy, and you realize that he is reporting cash earnings that are much higher than what you know the business takes in. Or, you see that your company paid a lot less in taxes than you were expecting and you are not sure why. Once you begin to suspect that your business partner is doing something illegal, you need to take action. Ignoring the situation can open you up to criminal liability. The best person to speak to is an experienced Dallas, TX federal white-collar crimes attorney.

Could I Get in Trouble if My Business Partner Acted Alone? 

If your business partner was using your company to commit a crime, it is likely that both of you will come under federal investigation once law enforcement realizes what is going on. You could be subjected to criminal prosecution. However, if you were genuinely unaware of your business partner’s illegal actions, an attorney may be able to prove that you were not involved and are not guilty of a crime. This is why it is important to take immediate action as soon as you become aware of his wrongdoing. If you continue to work with him and do nothing about his criminal actions, you could be considered an accomplice.

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Types of Businesses Most Often Investigated for Money Laundering

 Posted on May 24, 2024 in Money Laundering

TX defense lawyerSome types of businesses are more commonly investigated for money laundering than others. This is simply because it is easier to launder money through certain types of businesses, especially those where cash is frequently used. Your business might be placed under investigation on suspicion of money laundering if you report unusually high cash profits for the type of company you run. While you may be running a perfectly legitimate business that just happens to have a lot of customers who pay cash, it is best to speak with a Dallas, TX white collar crimes attorney as soon as you become aware of the investigation. Even if you are unaware of any illegal activity, your business partners or employees might be.

Which Types of Businesses Are Most Likely to be Suspected of Money Laundering? 

A few types of businesses that are commonly used for money laundering - and more likely to be investigated on suspicion of money laundering - include:

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The Difference Between Federal and State Crimes

 Posted on May 14, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerSome defendants are surprised to find out that they are facing federal rather than state charges. You may have believed that what you were doing only involved people within the state of Texas. If you never left the state - or, in the case of internet crimes, never left your house - you might have thought you could only be prosecuted at the state level. However, the federal government has jurisdiction over any case that crosses state lines, even electronically, and any case that involves interstate commerce. In modern times, it is very difficult to carry out any financial crime without impacting commerce between states in some way. You need a skilled Dallas, TX federal white-collar crimes lawyer if you have been accused of a federal offense.

When Does the Federal Government Have Jurisdiction? 

Your case might be handled at the federal level if:

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Dealing With a Mortgage Fraud Accusation

 Posted on April 24, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerThe housing market is extremely difficult for first-time buyers to break into these days. Corporations are buying up large amounts of housing to rent out, making it impossible for many families to compete with their offers. This has likely contributed to an increase in mortgage fraud accusations as legitimate buyers struggle to submit strong enough applications. Buyers may feel pressured to take measures to make a good impression on lenders, which sometimes translates to leaving out key information or overestimating their income. Unfortunately, some would-be homebuyers are finding themselves in legal trouble for providing false or misleading information on mortgage applications. If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, you must find a skilled Dallas, TX federal mortgage fraud lawyer right away.

What is Considered Mortgage Fraud? 

It is understandable why people who are trying to buy a house might be less than perfectly honest on their mortgage documents in this highly competitive market, but anything less than perfect honesty could get you accused of federal mortgage fraud. Some of the misstatements or omissions that could lead to this accusation include:

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When an Online Romance Scam Becomes a Federal Case

 Posted on April 12, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerDating apps and online matchmaking services are more popular than ever. Even commonly used social media websites that are not designed as dating services, like Facebook and Instagram, can be used to facilitate a romantic relationship. However, online romances are not always genuine. Romance scams are becoming more and more common. A romance scam is when one person contacts another online and initiates a flirtatious conversation, posing as an interested suitor with the ultimate goal of getting the target to send money. Even innocently asking to borrow money from a person you met online and are genuinely interested in having a relationship with can look like a romance scam from an outside perspective. If you are accused of a federal internet crime, it is important to immediately reach out to a Dallas, TX federal criminal defense lawyer.

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What if I Am Under Federal Investigation in Texas and Do Not Know Why?

 Posted on March 21, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerFinding out that the FBI is investigating you or your company for reasons you do not understand can be incredibly frightening. You may have been blindsided by FBI agents entering your office or knocking on your door. Watching federal agents execute a search warrant on your place of work or your home can be alarming and deeply upsetting when you do not believe you have done anything wrong. You may even have your assets seized if you are suspected of a crime. Realizing that you could face federal prosecution for a white-collar crime can come as a shock when you believe you have been doing everything according to the law. The best thing you can do in this situation is to contact a Dallas, TX, federal criminal defense attorney immediately. An attorney can help you understand why this is happening and guard you against undeserved charges. 

Why You May Be Under Investigation 

A few common reasons people who do not believe they have done anything wrong face federal investigation and the risk of prosecution include:

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Federal Fraud Schemes and Vulnerable Victims in Texas

 Posted on March 08, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerIn federal criminal cases, the charges can usually be enhanced if the victim or victims are particularly vulnerable to becoming the victims of crime. In federal fraud schemes, this most frequently applies when the elderly are deliberately targeted. The vulnerable victim enhancement can result in harsher penalties, like a longer prison sentence or a steeper fine. Understanding when this enhancement actually applies can be difficult. The simple fact that one of the individuals who responded to, for example, a wire fraud scheme that involved numerous targets, is elderly, or has mental disabilities is usually not enough for this enhancement to factor in, although the prosecution will probably argue that it is. If you are facing federal prosecution for any type of fraud, it is important to work with a skilled Dallas, TX, federal fraud lawyer.

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Healthcare Fraud Accusations in Texas

 Posted on February 27, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerHealthcare fraud can be a serious federal crime. It can also be something of a catch-all term for any type of fraudulent activity carried out by a healthcare provider or, in rare cases, an individual who is not a licensed medical practitioner. Healthcare fraud can take many forms. For example, anyone other than a licensed healthcare provider who presents themself as one and attempts to bill a “patient’s” insurance company can be charged with this offense. It is also fairly easy for a healthcare provider to commit this crime without intending to defraud anyone or to fall under suspicion while engaging in legitimate practice. Healthcare fraud is usually a federal crime because most health insurance companies operate across multiple states, as do many hospital systems. If you have been accused of healthcare fraud, it is important to reach out to a Dallas, TX, federal health insurance fraud attorney right away.

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Do the Police Need Proof to Take My Property?

 Posted on February 07, 2024 in Uncategorized

Blog ImageOur constitution protects against unreasonable search and seizure. However, this does not mean that law enforcement has to prove that you committed a crime before confiscating your property. In civil asset forfeiture, all law enforcement needs to show is that they suspect the property they have seized was used to commit a crime or may represent the profits of a crime. Asset forfeiture laws have been used both reasonably and abusively in the past. Commonly confiscated property includes cash, vehicles, and computers or cell phones. If your assets have been seized by federal law enforcement under asset forfeiture laws, it would be wise to contact a Dallas, TX, federal white-collar criminal defense lawyer promptly. Criminal charges frequently follow asset seizure

How Does Asset Forfeiture Work at the Federal Level?

Federal law enforcement can seize any property they think has been or will be used to further a criminal scheme or any property they think represents the proceeds of illegal activity. For example, if they believe that you are using your business to launder money gained through criminal enterprise, your business assets may be seized. Or, if they think you used money you embezzled to purchase that luxury car you drive, they may seize the vehicle.

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Determining if Embezzlement is a State or Federal Crime

 Posted on January 18, 2024 in Uncategorized

Dallas criminal defense lawyerEmbezzlement is a white-collar crime that can be charged at the federal or state level, depending on certain factors. It is essential to understand the distinctions to get effective representation. A Dallas, TX, criminal defense lawyer can help you figure out what potential your case has and what level you are likely facing.

Where the Crime Was Committed

One of the first determinants is where the fraudulent activity occurred. If the theft transpired across state borders, involved interstate commerce, or occurred on federal land, then federal charges are likely. For example, federal jurisdiction would apply if you are an executive based in Dallas who embezzled funds electronically from the company’s bank account in New York.

On the other hand, if the crime occurred within Texas state boundaries with no interstate elements, Texas has jurisdiction, and state charges are probable.

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