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Credit Card Fraud Lawyers in Dallas

Texas Attorney for Credit Card Criminal Charges

"Credit card fraud" can mean quite a few different things, but it is almost always a very serious criminal charge. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime committed, you could be facing years in prison. Additionally, this type of fraud is often handled at the federal level, making it one of the more common federal white collar crimes. Credit card fraud can be as complicated as taking out a credit card in someone else's name or as simple as using a friend's credit or debit card without their permission. While we often think of fraud as involving a complex scheme like we see in the movies, the reality is that it is very easy to inadvertently engage in conduct that can be construed as fraud.

At Spencer & Associates, our attorneys have experience defending those accused of credit card fraud in all types of different circumstances. We are skilled at conducting our own investigation in an effort to raise reasonable doubt. To sustain a credit card fraud charge, the prosecution must be able to prove that you committed the fraud intentionally or knowingly - not carelessly and by accident. We find that many people who are facing these charges acted quite innocently. However, we are ready to build the strongest possible defense for anyone charged with this crime, regardless of the circumstances. A strong legal defense raised by a skilled attorney is essential to bringing about the best possible outcome.

Understanding Credit Card Fraud

You may have known that you could be under suspicion for some time, or your arrest may have come as a complete shock. Common types of actions that lead to credit card fraud charges include:

  • Using someone else's credit card without their permission, even if the card belonged to a family member. In these cases, it must be proven that you knew the card was not yours and you did not have permission to use it.
  • Using a credit card you know to be expired, revoked, or cancelled, regardless of whose card it is.
  • Using a forged or fake credit card while knowing that the credit card number was fictitious or falsified.
  • Illegally obtaining a credit card by presenting false information on the application. Misreporting income in order to qualify for a card is a very common version of this type of fraud.
  • Stealing another person's credit card or receiving and using a credit card that you know was likely stolen from another party.
  • Illegally selling or transferring a credit card you obtained legally to a party who was not approved by the issuer to use it.
  • Buying a credit card from any party who is not the proper legal issuer of the card. This generally refers to purchasing a credit card from an individual rather than an institution.
  • Possessing a stolen credit card with the intent to use it fraudulently.
  • Wrongfully inducing the credit card holder to obtain goods or services for yourself, knowing that the rightful cardholder cannot financially afford these costs. This is often done over the internet as part of a larger scam.
  • Accepting a credit card payment for goods or services while having no intention of upholding your end of the bargain.

These are common examples of the types of credit card fraud punishable by law, but this is not a comprehensive list of all types of conduct that can be construed as credit card fraud.

Contact a Dallas Credit Card Fraud Attorney

If you are facing credit card fraud charges, it is best to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Spencer & Associates is skilled in helping people who are facing these serious charges. To begin with a free consultation, please contact us today at 214-385-8500.

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