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Mortgage fraud is a type of white collar federal crime. Many types of fraud committed against a mortgage lender can lead to these charges. It can be difficult to get a mortgage in today's complex housing market. The value of many homes has skyrocketed, leaving prospective homebuyers in a difficult position. Even those who generally earn good salaries may struggle to be approved for a mortgage due to inflation in the housing market. This has led to an increase in mortgage fraud cases, as some people may resort to drastic measures in order to secure a mortgage. Misstating the value of a home or misrepresenting your income on your application are common examples of mortgage fraud. Even some innocent mistakes can lead to these charges.

As criminal defense attorneys for white collar crime, the team at Spencer & Associates is experienced in helping those who have been accused of committing mortgage fraud. We have learned through years of practice how best to defend our clients in a variety of situations. We will always conduct our own investigation in the hopes of defeating a criminal prosecution. The government must prove not only that you provided inaccurate information but also that you did so intentionally or knowingly. We will do all we can to build the strongest defense possible in your case.

Mortgage Fraud Explained

Mortgage fraud, like other types of fraud, can take many forms. Common types of actions that can lead to mortgage fraud charges include:

  • Providing false information - It is important to be both truthful and accurate on a mortgage loan application. Stating that you earn more money than you actually do, asserting that you own an asset you do not, or misrepresenting your employment status in any way in order to obtain a mortgage are all forms of mortgage fraud.
  • Using a nonconsenting party's information - Identity theft and mortgage fraud may intertwine when an applicant lists another person as a co-applicant or guarantor without their permission. For example, naming your elderly parent as a party on your loan application without their agreement may be considered both mortgage fraud and identity theft.
  • Fraudulent foreclosure prevention - Using fraudulently obtained funds or false information in an effort to prevent foreclosure can be considered a form of mortgage fraud.
  • Loan modification and mortgage relief scams - In this type of fraud, the homeowner is generally the victim. The homeowner is told to stop making mortgage payments to their lender by the party committing fraud, and they may be instructed to make payments to a scam artist instead.
  • Straw borrower schemes - This generally refers to submitting fraudulent expenses, such as repair costs or appraisals, and failing to provide the associated services.
  • Lender fraud - In some rare cases, it is not the borrower but the lender who is accused of mortgage fraud. These schemes frequently involve multiple people who are alleged to have acted as a group to defraud a prospective homebuyer.

If you believe that you are suspected of mortgage fraud, or if you have been charged at the state or federal level, it is important to act quickly. Contact an attorney at the earliest stage possible so that they can begin building a strong defense.

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Spencer & Associates is experienced in defending those accused of mortgage fraud at both the state and federal level. Our skilled legal team will begin working to design the strongest possible defense strategy on your behalf as soon as we hear from you. We offer initial consultations at no cost to you. To begin, contact us today at 214-385-8500.

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