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White Collar Criminal Defense; Cryptocurrency General Counsel

As an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Texas, he was a relentless and effective prosecutor. Over a decade, attorney Arnold A. Spencer personally prosecuted more than 100 federal cases, including some of the fraud cases associated with the Enron scandals. He never lost a trial as a prosecutor. In fact, he won every count of every trial he presented to a jury. Today, as a defense attorney in private practice, he is just as relentless in pursuit of his clients’ best interests and favorable outcomes.

Zealous Defender Helping The Accused Meet The Challenges

Arnold Spencer defends executives and companies accused of economic crimes. He has spent his career of more than twenty-five years handling federal white collar criminal matters. He combines an understanding of complex financial transactions with a deep knowledge of the law and an ability to explain financial concepts to prosecutors, judges and juries. He fearlessly and skillfully guides clients through high-stakes legal processes with one goal: to obtain the best results achievable in each case.

An Attorney Focused on Federal White Collar Criminal Work

Defense lawyer Arnold A. Spencer specialized in white collar, economic crimes — mail fraud, securities fraud, wire fraud, banking crimes, health care fraud, money laundering and asset forfeiture. He starts with significant advantages over other attorneys. He does not handle DWI, drug crimes, immigration or crimes of violence. He primarily handles cases in federal court.

Knowledgeable Leader In The Cryptocurrency Legal World

Mr. Spencer has developed an expertise in the area of cryptocurrency law. He has represented digital currency companies nationally and internationally since 2014. Mr. Spencer currently serves as the general counsel of the largest Bitcoin teller machine company in the United States, with operations in 25 states and Puerto Rico. He also serves as an advisor and director of several companies and funds focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. He speaks frequently at conferences and with business groups regarding emerging regulations in the digital currency industry. As a counselor at law for clients managing cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), Mr. Spencer is on the front lines of emerging financial and legal trends. He drafts compliance policies and procedures that help clients avoid enforcement actions. He also assists companies that are facing enforcement actions to resolve the problems with minimal disruption for the business.

The Next Step

Charges on suspicion of white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzling are serious. Solutions in these areas of the law come through determination and collaboration with knowledgeable counsel. Spencer & Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, metro area, invites potential clients to contact the firm by email or by phone at 214-483-1035. Request an initial case analysis with no further obligation.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Arnold is the consummate professional, has consistent command of the law and facts in the most complex cases, and has the unique ability to make the complicated easy to understand and interesting.”

    - Jeff A.

  • “[Arnold] has an uncanny knack for identifying salient facts in a matter and summarizing them for easy understanding by a jury. His investigative and trial preparatory skills were impeccable.”

    - Brent M.

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