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Cryptocurrency fraud is a developing area of law, but it is one that is strictly enforced. In this increasingly complex financial environment, cryptocurrency plays an important role. Bitcoin and similar internet-based currencies can be treated like other forms of property under the law. It can be easy to forget that a type of currency that exists only online is a legitimate form of financial holding. Cryptocurrency has real-world value. Committing fraud related to cryptocurrency can lead to federal or state prosecution. However, it can also be difficult for many people to understand what types of actions constitute fraud when it comes to cryptocurrency. Some individuals have found themselves accused of these crimes without having had any intention of breaking the law.

Spencer & Associates makes a point of staying apprised of the latest developments in cryptocurrency law so that we can remain at the forefront of this rapidly changing and growing body of law. Our attorney is experienced in helping people facing cryptocurrency fraud charges. We conduct our own investigations into the allegations against our clients so that we have the information we need to build the strongest possible defense in each case. Your rights and interests come first when we represent you. We pursue these cases aggressively, knowing the severity of the potential consequences should you be convicted.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Explained

Monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges can be challenging for the government, as financial institutions are generally not involved. However, certain types of actions related to cryptocurrency can still be prosecuted as a form of fraud. Chargeable actions may include:

  • Tax fraud - Seme people may use Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in an attempt to conceal taxable income or assets. For example, attempting to sink assets that should be used to pay a tax liability into virtual currency to avoid paying taxes is likely a federal crime. The IRS declared in 2022 that this is a key issue it will focus on in criminal investigations.
  • Money laundering - The untraceable nature of virtual currencies lends itself to use for criminal activity. Those profiting from criminal activity may transfer profits to virtual currencies in an attempt to make their earnings appear legitimate.
  • Fraudulent creation and sales - Because there is no federal or state oversight, it is fairly easy to forge online currencies and even sell the forged currencies to others. However, selling or possessing falsified cryptocurrency that has no value can be treated as fraud.
  • Theft by identity misuse - Representing yourself as another person in order to obtain access to cryptocurrency accounts that do not belong to you can be considered identity theft as well as cryptocurrency fraud.
  • Online scams - Inducing another person to purchase untraceable currency and send it to you under false pretenses is a form of fraud. This may take the form of an investment scam or even a romance scam. These cases may be harshly prosecuted, especially when the victim is elderly or vulnerable.
  • Dodging regulations - Cryptocurrency can be used to avoid complying with federal regulations, such as limits on campaign donations.
  • Investment fraud - Asking others to invest in cryptocurrency with your help and mishandling funds can lead to fraud charges.

While there are still significant legal grey areas when it comes to permissible and impermissible uses of cryptocurrency, mishandling virtual currency investments or holdings can lead to trouble. If you are facing criminal charges related to cryptocurrency fraud, it is essential that you act quickly and contact an attorney without delay.

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