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Currency and Automobile Seizures Lawyer in Dallas

Texas Attorney for Asset Forfeiture

Before your property was seized, you may not have known how easily the police can legally take away your money, car, or other assets. They need very little proof that you were involved in a crime, if any. Under asset forfeiture laws, the police can confiscate any property that they believe represents the profits of criminal activity or is being used in furtherance of a crime. Currency and automobiles are some of the most commonly seized items. This is largely because of how easy it is for the police to turn a routine traffic stop into the worst day of your life. However, asset seizure can be prompted by nearly any suspicion that you profited from a felony crime or are actively engaged in committing a crime.

It is shocking to many that their money and vehicle can be abruptly taken away from them without any semblance of due process. No trial is required in these situations, and no court orders must be issued in order for the police to seize property. This action is sometimes carried out in bad faith, simply because the local police department disfavors an individual. Your property can also be seized by the federal government, which is a common result when someone is suspected of a federal white collar crime. If your money or property has been seized, it is important to involve a lawyer immediately. There may be steps an attorney can take to help you recover your property.

Understanding Currency and Automobile Seizure

Some individuals may immediately know why their vehicle and currency was seized, while others may be mystified as to why the police believe they committed a crime. It is very common for seizures of cash and cars to stem from a traffic stop. When a person is pulled over, and there is a large amount of cash inside the vehicle, the police may wonder why. Often, they conclude - correctly or incorrectly - that the cash represents the profits of crime. It is rare for people to keep large amounts of cash around when they earned the money legitimately. However, there are also perfectly innocuous reasons for carrying several thousand dollars in cash. Additionally, amounts as small as a few hundred dollars have been seized by law enforcement in Texas.

Police frequently suspect that vehicles containing cash are being used in the narcotics trade, generally to transport drugs and illicit profits. Drug dealers commonly have a significant amount of currency waiting to be laundered.

How Can I Get My Car and Money Back?

The answer to this question is highly complicated. Generally, Texas police have 30 days to investigate after seizing your property. This means that you may not be able to recover your property until 30 days have elapsed, and even then, only if the investigation does not produce results that lead to criminal charges. However, if criminal charges are filed after the investigation, you may struggle to get your vehicle or anything in it back unless your case results in dismissal or acquittal.

It is important to involve a criminal defense and asset seizure attorney as soon as possible. Having your car and money seized signals that you are being investigated for a crime and are likely to be charged with an offense in the near future. You will need quality representation to defend against criminal charges as well as to help you fight to see your vehicle and currency returned.

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