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False Claims Act Attorney in Dallas

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The False Claims Act (FCA) was originally developed during the Civil War. It is among the oldest standing pieces of legislation in the United States. Originally developed to prevent and prosecute false claims made by defense contractors, the FCA is a powerful tool in the government's toolbox. Generally, the FCA allows the government to sue a person who has submitted a false claim to the government. In Qui Tam lawsuits, a private citizen is permitted to sue another person on behalf of the federal or state government. The alleged fraud leading to the lawsuit may have been performed by a company or a private citizen. The FCA encompasses many types of alleged false claims, including PPP loan fraud and sometimes tax evasion.

If you have been accused of submitting a false claim to the government, it is important to involve an attorney without delay. You are likely suspected of a federal white collar crime, and you may face criminal charges in addition to a lawsuit. The consequences of both can be very serious. You may be ordered to repay the full amount you received by filing a false claim, and if criminal charges are pursued, you could be sent to prison for many years. Taking quick action can make an enormous difference in your case. It is best to contact an attorney as soon as you realize that you may be subject to a FCA or Qui Tam lawsuit. Spencer & Associates is experienced in defending people and organizations who have been accused of submitting false claims.

Understanding False Claims Act Litigation

The False Claims Act permits the government (or a private citizen acting on behalf of the government) to sue a person or organization it believes has submitted a false claim that led the government to disperse a financial benefit to them. FCA violations can relate to:

  • Healthcare fraud - Obtaining Medicare or Medicaid benefits through fraudulent means can open you up to a lawsuit, as the government will want to be repaid for the money it spent on your healthcare.
  • PPP loan fraud - Paycheck Protection Program loans were essential to keeping the nation's economy above water during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small businesses and other companies received these loans. PPP loans were intended to help workers continue to collect paychecks even when their company was unable to open its doors to the public. Accusations that you used a PPP loan for improper purposes or obtaining a loan by submitting false information may result in the legal required to repay the money you received.
  • Tax fraud - Evading taxes through illegal means, such as by hiding income or misreporting important deductions, can lead to serious federal criminal charges. It also allows the government to sue you for the taxes you should have paid.

Any time you file a claim with the government that results in you receiving money or financial benefit, you could be sued for repayment if you engaged in any type of fraud or misconduct.

Qui Tam Lawsuits Explained

The federal government does not have the resources to pursue every case involving a false claim made to it. Instead, private citizens are now permitted to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government against anyone they believe has defrauded it. When a Qui Tam suit is successful, the person who filed the suit is generally given a percentage of the amount the government recovers. This can make filing a Qui Tam suit quite profitable, motivating people to bring - and win - these suits. It is critical that you have a skilled attorney representing you if you are involved in a Qui Tam lawsuit.

Contact a Dallas FCA and Qui Tam Lawyer

Spencer & Associates has the years of experience in state and federal court needed to represent you with skill. We will do all we can to protect you financially, and we can also help defend against any criminal charges that may stem from alleged fraud against the government. To begin with a free consultation, please contact us at 214-385-8500.

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