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Dallas Money Laundering Defense Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights in Financial Crime Cases

Money laundering is a very common financial crime. It can be charged as a state or federal white collar offense. Most individuals who earn profits from illicit sources, such as drug dealing, find a way to legitimize their illegal profits by laundering the funds. However, the act of taking illicit funds and funneling them through a sham business in order to make them look like legal profits is itself a crime. Money laundering can be done in a number of creative ways. However, the risk of being caught is quite significant. If you are found guilty of participating in a money laundering scheme, you could face years in prison depending on the nature and extent of the offense. You are also likely to face asset forfeiture, as the government is likely to seize anything it believes you bought using the proceeds of criminal activity. It is important to act quickly by contacting an attorney as soon as you learn that you are under suspicion.

Spencer & Associates is experienced in helping those charged with money laundering fight back. We offer aggressive criminal defense services to each client. Our attorney understands your rights and will always act in your best interest while we are representing you. We will do all we can to design and present the strongest defense possible under the circumstances in order to bring about the best possible outcome. We have a strong record of achieving positive outcomes in money laundering cases, and we may be able to help you avoid potentially harsh sentencing.

Understanding Money Laundering

Generally speaking, money laundering is the act of disguising the profits of criminal activity by making it appear legitimate. Types of money laundering may include:

  • Sham businesses - Using a false company is one of the most common forms of money laundering. It involves setting up a business that appears to provide goods or services, but does little or no legitimate business. Rather, profits from criminal activity are fraudulently used to make fake purchases from the company so that they can be reported as legitimate profits.
  • Using cryptocurrency - One increasingly popular method of hiding the proceeds of crime is to funnel it into cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are not well-regulated, making them ideal for hiding illicit funds. Keeping money in cryptocurrency to avoid using it to cover a tax liability can also be considered tax fraud.
  • Investing illegal funds - Investing illicitly obtained funds as a means of concealing them is a form of money laundering.
  • Facilitating money laundering - You do not need to be the person who earned funds through illegal activity to be charged with money laundering. Facilitating or aiding with a fraudulent transaction designed to conceal illegal funds, or even transporting money to be laundered, can lead to criminal charges. Knowing that the funds were illegally obtained is generally enough to sustain a conviction, even if you do not know exactly how the money was earned.

In some cases, one business partner is knowingly involved in money laundering while others are unaware of any illegal activity taking place. It can be difficult even for sophisticated investigators or prosecutors to determine who was or was not involved in a scheme, sometimes causing people to be taken by surprise by an arrest.

If you have been accused of money laundering, it is important to contact an attorney quickly. The sooner you reach out to a lawyer, the better we may be able to protect you.

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