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Representation Of Defendants In Wire Fraud And Mail Fraud Cases

Wire fraud and mail fraud are the ubiquitous, all-encompassing statutes that federal prosecutors use in economy crime cases. The statutes defining and governing wire fraud and mail fraud date back to the 1800s. Both involve sending communications and money by mail or over telephone wires or other similar technologies, including today's emails.

Know The Parameters

Understanding the definitions and scope of wire fraud and mail fraud is an important step along the road to a successful defense in the face of criminal charges including either type of fraud. For example, is mailing an invoice for medical services potentially an example of mail fraud? In many cases, the answer is yes. This is why health care fraud charges are often accompanied by mail fraud charges. Likewise, money laundering and wire fraud charges often go hand in hand, as prosecutors allege that someone illegally transferred funds in connection with other illegal activity, such as drug trafficking or banking fraud.

Seek Experienced Counsel From Spencer & Associates In Dallas-Fort Worth

For individuals and companies charged with wire fraud or mail fraud, there is no better defense strategy than to work closely with a defense attorney deeply knowledgeable in these areas of the law. Lawyer Arnold A. Spencer wrote — and continues to update — a critical chapter in a book widely regarded and well used in the legal world. This chapter dealt with money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud and asset forfeiture. All these criminal charges often go along with other federal crime charges. A successful defense will address these charges with as much vigor as the underlying criminal charges (such as drug trafficking).

Mr. Spencer's experience in federal criminal prosecution as an assistant U.S. attorney handling hundreds of federal crime prosecution cases — including wire fraud and mail fraud cases — is a great asset. Clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond entrust their defense to this Texas federal crime defense firm.

Enlist An Experienced Defense Attorney On Your Side

We understand the laws concerning wire and mail fraud. We can help get your defense underway. Contact Spencer & Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at 214-483-1035, or through this email form, to set up a consultation.

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