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Former Prosecutor Now Defending People Charged With Securities Fraud

Leaders in financial institutions of all types look to Spencer & Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas for advice and guidance in securities fraud cases. He has represented broker-dealers, retail bankers, investment bankers, fund managers and individual investors, as well as corporate directors and officers. Mr. Spencer’s most successful cases have been those in which his clients avoided any securities fraud charges ever being filed. He has also successfully represented clients who retained him after being indicted. Spencer & Associates is focused and successful as legal counsel, whether the firm is hired at the first notice of an investigation or on the eve of trial.

In his 10 years as a securities fraud attorney at the Justice Department, Mr. Spencer prosecuted some of the most important securities fraud cases that were charged in Texas and nationwide. He was hand-selected by senior Justice Department leaders to prosecute bankers and executives involved in the collapse of Enron. He also prosecuted cases involving insider trading, fraudulent sales of securities and commodities, as well as other securities violations. He worked closely with the SEC, CFTC and the Texas State Securities Commission. He received the John Marshall Award from the U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, as well as the Courage and Valor Award from the SEC.

As a defense attorney, Mr. Spencer has successfully represented clients in a variety of securities fraud matters, including allegations of fraud, insider trading and market manipulation.

Whether before or after charges are filed, lawyer Arnold A. Spencer is prepared to evaluate securities fraud cases and help position clients for successful defense outcomes. Charges dismissed, acquittals at trial and probation with community service requirements are all examples of successful outcomes in securities fraud matters. Every client of Spencer & Associates can rest assured Mr. Spencer and his legal team will fight for the best attainable outcome.

Representing The Accused

Criminal charges sometimes come about when a whistleblower alleges wrongdoing in connection with investment funding schemes and methods. Has an investor or competitor in your oil or gas business complained about your entrepreneurial venture capital methods? Talk to an experienced, aggressive white collar crime defense attorney as soon as possible.

Attorney Arnold A. Spencer is known as a sophisticated, knowledgeable and successful defense lawyer handling complex federal securities fraud cases. His previous experience as an investment banking analyst is a great asset for the clients he defends, as he is comfortable examining financial documents with full understanding and litigating defenses to allegations brought by prosecutors. When a prosecutor alleges a Ponzi scheme, but evidence demonstrates otherwise, Mr. Spencer is ready to prove this to a jury and judge if necessary.

Concerned About Securities Fraud? Contact Our Diligent Lawyers Today.

If you believe you have been a victim of securities fraud, call us at 214-483-1035 or complete our online email form to request a consultation. Our experienced securities fraud attorney can review the true nature of your investment methods and determine the next steps toward a successful defense.