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Effective Defense Strategies In Money Laundering Cases Begin Here

Money laundering charges often accompany other federal crime charges such as those involving alleged drug crimes, fraud, contraband smuggling and more. Defense attorneys in federal money laundering cases must analyze complex financial transactions as well as the underlying criminal activity allegations.

Prosecutor And Author

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Spencer successfully prosecuted a case for which the defendant received one of the longest federal money laundering sentences on record. Mr. Spencer also authored several publications on money laundering during his tenure at the Justice Department, and taught classes on prosecutorial strategies at the Advanced Money Laundering course for other federal prosecutors.

Attorney Arnold A. Spencer in Dallas-Fort Worth can truthfully say he wrote the book on money laundering and asset forfeiture. His chapter on international money laundering in the well-known book, International White Collar Enforcement (Aspatore, 2015), has helped him make a name among attorneys and other legal professionals concerned with anti-money laundering matters.

Experienced Financial Analyst

Mr. Spencer started his career as an analyst in the mergers and acquisitions department of one of the elite Wall Street investment banks. His background in analyzing financial statements makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate and attack allegations of financial fraud and money laundering.

Overcoming Odds

In a nutshell, Spencer & Associates can provide clients charged in money laundering cases with significant advantages. Mr. Spencer understands in detail how and why the prosecution typically tacks on a money laundering charge on top of other criminal charges — and how to overcome this obstacle on the side of the defense.

“In my experience, attorneys who understand financial statements win criminal cases that revolve around finances. Attorneys who don’t understand financial statements are relying on hope and charm, usually to their client’s detriment.” — Arnold Spencer

When You Need Legal Help To Defend Against Money Laundering Charges, Contact Us

Our money laundering defense lawyer is a past prosecutor and possesses deep knowledge and skills from both sides of the aisle. He defends individuals to help obtain dismissals and the return of seized property from investigations. Don’t entrust your future to anyone else when you have been charged with a federal financial crime. Reach the law offices of Spencer & Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area, by calling 214-483-1035 or requesting a consultation via email.