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Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyer

Medical providers and billing services generally work hard to stay abreast of current laws and regulations involved in treating patients covered by Medicaid and Medicare. Unfortunately, however, there are always some who skirt the law, such as by:

  • Billing for services they did not provide
  • Labeling services they provided in misleading ways
  • Up-classifying services provided, making them appear more complex in documentation than they were
  • Double billing services provided
  • Providing kickbacks to providers of durable medical equipment paid for by Medicare and Medicaid, such as wheelchairs and personal care items

Enforcement Agencies Are Sophisticated And Aggressive — If Accused, You Must Fight Back

Through sloppy bookkeeping, whistleblower reports and other means, government agencies often become privy to fraud and abuse of public aid for ostensibly medical purposes. Sophisticated analytics software programs sometimes detect statistical outliers, out-of-the-ordinary billing practices and other indicators of likely fraud. These analytical programs, however, often do not account for reasons for unusual claims statistics, such as:

  • Epidemics
  • Demographic anomalies
  • Human error

Spencer & Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a valuable resource for medical business CEOs and others carrying ultimate responsibility for illegal activity. Attorney Arnold A. Spencer is a former prosecutor with more than 25 years’ experience in federal white collar crime cases. He is prepared to evaluate your case and make recommendations on the best path forward.

Contact An Experienced Attorney If You Have Been Accused Or Have Uncovered Health Care Fraud

We can determine if you have a solid case as a defendant or a whistleblower in a potential health care fraud case. Then, we will put together a strong defense or help you obtain a whistleblower reward. We are interested in protecting your rights and best interests. Speak with an experienced health care fraud lawyer in Texas today by calling 214-483-1035 or emailing a request to set up an initial consultation.