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Confronting And Combating Asset Forfeiture

Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is a risk in any financial crime prosecution operation. The federal laws creating asset forfeiture are arcane, unorganized and sometimes inconsistent. Spencer & Associates in Fort Worth offers unusually in-depth knowledge and skillful representation in criminal matters that may include asset forfeiture. Attorney Arnold A. Spencer served as the Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Unit of one of the most successful, productive office of any U.S. Attorney's Office in the country.

Today, this process is part of almost every white collar crime indictment in the country. Mr. Spencer now represents individuals and companies on the other side — those that have had assets seized and are at risk of losing their valuable property.

Many criminal defense lawyers are familiar with asset forfeiture proceedings that their clients are often subjected to. However, very few understand the intricacies of the procedures involved in defending those whose assets may be forfeited, which assets may be forfeited, and when assets may be forfeited, including:

  • Specific, tight deadlines to meet
  • Waivers of rights to avoid signing
  • How to make proper claims to recover seized assets
  • How to draft a comprehensive strategy to maximize recovery of seized assets
  • How to coordinate the asset forfeiture positions with overall defense strategies
  • How to identify and appeal to the right decision-makers
  • Forfeited assets may go to the Justice Department, the U.S. Treasury or to general local, state or federal government funds. Acting quickly to determine where assets have gone and how to retrieve them is a little-known niche in defense-oriented law practices. Fewer than one percent of federal defense attorneys have comparable experience as Mr. Spencer in this area. As a defense attorney, he has successfully recovered millions of dollars of clients' properties that had been seized by government entities. He has repeatedly recovered money and other valuables on behalf of clients that were charged with federal crimes, as well as clients who were never charged.

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    Recovering assets that are subject to forfeiture is complicated. Deadlines are strictly enforced, and property rights can be extinguished by a late filing or an incorrect filing. You need a lawyer who has years of experience and knows the governing laws. Contact us now to set up a consultation with our aggressive Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, defense lawyer. Call us in Fort Worth at 214-483-1035, or email us through this request form now.

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