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For Reputable Outside General Counsel, A Respected Expert Witness

With a strong track record as outside general counsel for Coinsource (the largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S. today), attorney Arnold A. Spencer is a natural choice for other digital currency companies seeking an ongoing relationship with a vigilant, knowledgeable lawyer in the cryptocurrency industry. Coinsource and other individuals and companies with direct experience working with Mr. Spencer can attest to his in-depth preparation for this role.

Legal Challenges Are Coming In The Digital Currency World; Are You Ready?


Clients seeking outside general counsel include cryptocurrency companies currently ramping up operations. Some know of regulatory risks and others do not. Proactive legal counsel is the most intelligent way to prepare for coming investigations that will snag many players now investing and doing business in cryptocurrency.

Individuals who have been charged with regulatory violations, fraud and other illegalities — and their lawyers — are welcome to enlist attorney Arnold A. Spencer as an expert witness in their defense cases. Spencer & Associates is equally qualified to handle defense in criminal and civil matters. As a trial lawyer, Arnold A. Spencer has consistently stood out for his ability to explain complex ideas to juries and other decision-makers who must take a stand on cryptocurrency matters in business and finance.

Represent Your Company With An Experienced Bitcoin Adviser


Our firm’s legal advocate offers outside general legal counsel and expert witness services specific to cryptocurrency. We also offer professional consulting services to teach and explain complex legal areas — such as initial coin offerings (ICOs) — to juries in any jurisdiction. Take advantage of these opportunities by requesting a consultation by calling 214-483-1035 or completing our online intake form.