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Regulatory Compliance In The Cryptocurrency World

Creating a compliant business in the cryptocurrency industry can be a tall order. Unlike the world of traditional banking and fiat currencies, state and federal regulations governing the use of cryptocurrencies and ICOs are checkered at best.

There are no consistent regulations that investors and traders can refer to, to stay out of trouble and maximize opportunities to succeed unhindered. Regulations differ from state to state, from country to country. Working with a lawyer well-versed in this area is paramount for cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Understanding and navigating patchwork regulations is not a job for amateurs. Attorney Arnold A. Spencer is a professional in the finest sense. He works tirelessly to stay up to speed and deliver the targeted advice and tailor-made legal help his clients need.

In addition to operating the law firm of Spencer & Associates, Mr. Spencer holds an ongoing position as outside general counsel for Coinsource, the largest retail distributor of Bitcoin in the United States. This entity operates more than 200 Bitcoin teller machines in 28 states. Mr. Spencer is responsible for all legal and compliance matters at this company.

What Your Company Can Do To Comply With New and Existing Regulations

Cryptocurrency and ICO lawyer Arnold A. Spencer can help you:

  • Understand which jurisdictions may have exercise power over your business, and how the applicable laws and regulations apply to your business model
  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits to operate legally in the markets your business is targeting
  • Apply relevant expert opinions to your company’s cryptocurrency offerings and dealings

To ensure your established or startup business stays on top of compliance with regulations and procedures, you need to work proactively with a knowledgeable lawyer. Arnold A. Spencer stays up to date and can advise you on:

  • Anti-money laundering compliance
  • Bank Secrecy Act requirements
  • Money transmission licensing laws
  • Policies and procedures for preventing violation of other laws pertaining to your financial dealings in digital currencies

Obtain Proactive Legal Support For Cryptocurrency Concerns — Contact Our Firm

State and federal regulators are increasing efforts to enforce new and existing regulations against cryptocurrency companies. Make sure you’re on the right side of the law and compliant with the regulations. Let us help you prevent violating the ever-changing laws and regulations of cryptocurrency. We work with existing and startup digital currency companies that need legal counsel with comprehensive experience in cryptocurrency law. Call our law firm today at 214-483-1035 or request a consultation through our email form.