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When Cryptocurrencies, ICOs And STOs Intersect With Legal Problems

Cryptocurrencies are challenging the traditional business models across the world; and governments are responding, trying to encourage innovation and, at the same time, protect investors and consumers. If you issue or deal in one or more cryptocurrencies, you know what a moving target “the right way” can be. Different jurisdictions are attempting to regulate cryptocurrencies in dramatically different ways. Finding the right balance between seizing new opportunities and complying with outdated regulations can be challenging. Tapping into top-notch legal counsel is part of the package of successful management of cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and security token offerings (STOs).

Advice On Cryptocurrency Regulations And More

Fortunately for companies and individuals in the cryptocurrency industry, attorney Arnold A. Spencer brings in-depth knowledge of the evolving regulations and a formidable track record to the table. A former prosecutor who has handled securities and commodities regulatory matters throughout his 25-year career, Mr. Spencer is prepared to guide companies and investors involved in cryptocurrency through:

  • Regulatory compliance requirements and preventive best practices
  • Enforcement responses to governments, both informal inquiries and formal investigations
  • Selection of expert witnesses to confront investigations, civil disputes or criminal charges that may come about

Beware Of Aggressive Actions Of The SEC — Eliminate Guesswork From Your Cryptocurrency Dealings

Do your ICOs constitute securities offerings? What duties must you fulfill to stay legal in this field? Hedge your past decisions by working closely with Arnold A. Spencer, a savvy legal professional trusted as a general counsel and board advisor to some of the leading cryptocurrencies companies in the world. State and federal governments do not provide comprehensive strategies for regulation of Bitcoins and other crypto-coins — but Mr. Spencer is prepared to deliver just that for you and your cryptocurrency business.

Mr. Spencer is available to serve as an expert witness or a consulting attorney for your clients’ criminal, civil, family or probate cases. Contact the firm to discuss opportunities and options.

“My clients and I have successfully anticipated the major legal trends in digital currencies. Combining an understanding of existing laws with emerging technologies has positioned my clients to thrive.” — Arnold A. Spencer

We Can Help Navigate Cryptocurrency Legal Issues; Contact Us Today

We represent individual investors and businesses with all stages of cryptocurrency legal needs. We have extensive experience with the SEC, CFTC, IRS, FBI, DHS, state departments of banking and securities, and other government agencies. Our main attorney advised early, successful ICOs in navigating SEC regulations. He also is one of the few attorneys in the United States to have tried a federal criminal case involving cryptocurrencies. Call and set up a consultation with Spencer & Associates at 214-483-1035 or email us this fast form. Spencer & Associates responds promptly to all emails and calls.