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What To Do When Your Assets are Seized in Texas

 Posted on October 18, 2023 in Uncategorized

Dallas asset forfeiture lawyer Having your property seized through civil asset forfeiture can be overwhelming. Understanding your rights and promptly working with an attorney can give you the strongest chance of challenging the seizure and regaining your assets. There are different key steps you can take with a Texas lawyer.

The First Step is To Consult an Attorney

Working with well-versed Texas asset forfeiture laws when you learn of a seizure is vital. Strict deadlines exist for contesting seizures, so moving quickly with this step is critical. An attorney can evaluate whether the seizure complies with state laws and help you craft a strategic response to challenge it.

Find Out Why the Seizure Took Place

Find out exactly why your property was targeted and learn the specific grounds stated for seizure. Common justifications include:

  • Suspected involvement in criminal activity or conspiracies.
  • Facilitating supposed unlawful acts.
  • Representing suspected proceeds of illegal deeds.

Pinpointing the precise reason helps to build a more potent counterargument.

Identify the Type of Property Seized

Clearly categorize what type of asset was seized, like real estate, vehicles, cash, financial accounts, jewelry, electronics, equipment, or other property. Texas forfeiture laws, procedures, deadlines, and protections vary considerably based on the asset type targeted. Correct classification allows the pursuit of all potential remedies.

Research Applicable Exemptions

As you work with your attorney, you can identify any exemptions with Texas law that could apply to your case based on factors like asset type, ownership structure, usage, value, and context. Certain exemptions can be invoked to halt forfeiture and compel the return of property when wrongfully seized.

Make Sure You Meet Filing Deadlines

Texas has strict procedures and deadlines for contesting seizures. With help from a lawyer, you can file accurate, timely claims. Missing deadlines can result in default rulings against you. So, it would be best if you challenged the case right away. An attorney makes sure you take aggressive action fast. They file the right forms on time and handle details, so you have the most robust case possible.

Contact a Dallas, TX Asset Forfeiture Lawyer

Losing property to civil forfeiture can be devastating, but fighting back with a Dallas, TX asset forfeiture attorney can help. Moving forward with your case as soon as possible is important to make it the strongest you can. Protect your rights and assets through a knowledgeable, strategic legal responses. Call Spencer & Associates at 214-385-8500 for a free consultation.

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