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What if I Am Under Federal Investigation in Texas and Do Not Know Why?

 Posted on March 21, 2024 in Uncategorized

TX defense lawyerFinding out that the FBI is investigating you or your company for reasons you do not understand can be incredibly frightening. You may have been blindsided by FBI agents entering your office or knocking on your door. Watching federal agents execute a search warrant on your place of work or your home can be alarming and deeply upsetting when you do not believe you have done anything wrong. You may even have your assets seized if you are suspected of a crime. Realizing that you could face federal prosecution for a white-collar crime can come as a shock when you believe you have been doing everything according to the law. The best thing you can do in this situation is to contact a Dallas, TX, federal criminal defense attorney immediately. An attorney can help you understand why this is happening and guard you against undeserved charges. 

Why You May Be Under Investigation 

A few common reasons people who do not believe they have done anything wrong face federal investigation and the risk of prosecution include:

  • Someone else within your business has committed a crime. You may not have realized that your business partner was quietly laundering money for a criminal organization. One of your restaurant employees may have been selling drugs from your place of business without your knowledge. The FBI tends to assume that the business owner is aware of these activities and may be an active participant, even if this is not true and you were unaware of any criminal activity. 
  • There is a false appearance of criminal activity. There are some cases where initially, something appears off about the way you or your business is handling its finances. There may be a reasonable explanation for a financial situation that appears legally questionable. For example, an inadvertent omission in a patient’s medical record may appear to be healthcare fraud when in reality, a treatment given was simply not recorded by mistake. 
  • A client made an accusation. Disgruntled clients who are unsatisfied with your services or misunderstood the contract they signed may make a report to the FBI claiming that you have defrauded them in some way. An attorney may be able to go through your business records and demonstrate that you did not commit fraud. 

While this situation can be incredibly frightening, there is a possibility that a skilled attorney can prove your innocence. 

Contact a Dallas, TX, Federal White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Spencer & Associates is experienced in representing business owners and other individuals who are suspected of a federal crime. Dallas County, TX federal criminal defense attorney Arnold Spencer is a former prosecutor who will understand how the prosecution is likely to operate. Contact us at 214-385-8500 to begin a free consultation. 

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