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Federal drug charges can leave you facing serious and life-changing consequences. The stakes are high, but Spencer & Associates can help you get 10 steps ahead of the charges against you, fighting tirelessly to protect your freedom and future

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Facing Federal Drug Charges?


Level The Playing Field With A Former Federal Prosecutor On Your Side

Federal charges can be exceedingly complex. The stakes are notoriously high: you may be facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence, among other harsh potential penalties.

At Spencer & Associates, you will find the experienced and determined representation you need to level the playing field. We can defend you against federal drug crimes such as:

  • Drug trafficking/smuggling
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Conspiracy
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • And more

Federal drug defense requires strong and decisive action. Don't jeopardize your rights by waiting too long. You have nothing to lose by reaching out for a free consultation.

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When Defense Truly Matters


Why Federal Drug Charges Are Different

Federal drug crimes tend to be far more serious than state-level charges. Not every defense attorney handles federal charges.

At Spencer & Associates, lead attorney Arnold A. Spencer not only handles these charges; but he also offers valuable experience as a former prosecutor. His insight into how federal prosecutors approach high-stakes cases can be your advantage.