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Frequently Asked Questions About White Collar Defense And Cryptocurrency Issues

What are typical stages of a criminal prosecution case?

Many criminal matters begin with an investigation. Once a government agency such as the FBI has gathered enough evidence to make a strong case, a targeted individual or company may be asked to appear at hearings or respond to queries. Eventually there may be an arrest, followed by plea bargaining opportunities and/or a criminal trial. At the culmination of a trial leading to a guilty verdict, sentencing and the post-conviction phase may offer additional opportunities for a defense attorney to help a defendant obtain a less damaging outcome.

When do I need to get a defense lawyer involved in my legal situation?

Naturally, the sooner, the better! An attorney brought on board during the rumor and investigation phase may be able to prevent criminal charges from being charged at all. This, the best outcome in a criminal matter, is also the most cost-effective in the long run.

What avenues of defense may be most effective in challenging federal white collar crime cases?

Early, decisive action is the most important defense strategy. When legal counsel begins early on, a potential defendant may be able to resolve a case through noncriminal actions such as remuneration or community service. Case resolutions of this type are normally available only during the early stages such as during investigations.

Even when a case is in the criminal phase, when cryptocurrency companies and other types of companies such as health care providers can show they are in the process of coming closer to compliance, they stand a stronger chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

If I am in a Fintech business, do I need a Fintech lawyer?

Yes! Other types of attorneys may have sophisticated financial knowledge but if they do not regularly work on Fintech-type cases, they may be unaware of the great regulatory differences from one jurisdiction to another, among other critical issues.

Does your law firm handle cases with South American and other foreign dimensions?

Yes. We have extensive experience working with individuals, businesses and lawyers in South America and other global locations. Geographical boundaries do not limit our reach.

What trends are underway and coming soon in federal white collar crime cases?

Indicators hint strongly at coming increases in drug, immigration and financial criminal prosecutions. Ponzi schemes, health care fraud and other economic fraud cases will be exposed through tightening government agency crackdowns. People and companies at risk will do well to enlist outside general counsel before charges and arrests occur and to enlist the cream of the crop in expert witnesses when prosecution gets underway.

How can I get the knowledge and advice my company and I need to stay out of trouble or get out of trouble in digital currency, health care and other risky areas of financial activity?

Spencer & Associates exists precisely for these areas of the law that cause many investors and businesses to fall into legal quagmires in Texas and elsewhere. Get ten steps ahead by contacting lawyer Arnold A. Spencer and the legal team at this firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call 214-483-1035 or send an email inquiry for more information.